Yeltsin Center

The Yeltsin Center is dedicated to Yeltsin’s office, as first President of Russia.

It is a great way to see how people lived at the end of the Soviet Union and beginning again of Russia, and what events took place during the 1990s. Those years of the 1990s were tumultuous, with the country finding its feet after the break up of the USSR, and the struggle between liberal and conservative thinking. Conservatives could not accept the end of the USSR, and almost won a coup to end President Yeltsin’s reign, and the new beginnings.

The museum does a wonderful job of depicting Russia’s priory history, and the events leading up to and after the break up of the USSR. There are some very realistic displays of how shops were back then, and people’s homes. There is also much Soviet paraphernalia. So much has changed!

Whatever your view on the current path Russia is taking, this museum helps to set out the context.