Private tours in Moscow region

We have a selection of destinations which we can easily mix and match in terms of content and time available.
All our tours are with a guide and driver in a business class car or van, at a time arranged to suit your group, which can be from one to 10 people.

Tours include a meal priced at EUR 100-200  pp depending on group size.

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Military Day Tours

All of these tours are 50 – 150km from Moscow and require most of the day including lunch and checking out some local scenery.

Banya Experience

The banya is a traditional part of Russian life. But it can be a bit daunting for foreigners, so we have put together a two hour guided program at one of the most famous banyas in the world. You will learn the basics and of course will come out feeling clean and incredible. Snacks and tea included.

Tank and weapon experience

This is a “big boy’s toys” type experience – riding through the mud on a tank and shooting AK47s. Lunch can be eaten on site in the army field kitchen, or next door in a restaurant. Next door is also a private military museum, and we can arrange a visit there also.

Monino Aviation Museum

This is one of the largest aviation museums in the world. Monino used to be a base closed to foreigners, but now we are welcomed to share Russian aviation history. There are almost 200 aircraft on display, and a very interesting commentary of various models and milestones in Soviet and Russian aviation. We use a local guide and translate, as the guides are ex-pilots and can convey better than anyone else. After Monino we can travel nearby to an anti-aircraft museum, to see how skies were protected in the past.

Other Day Tours

Fishing Day out

A day out into beautiful countryside and some fishing in comfort.
Lunch is provided right on the lake edge, and we will drop into a couple of nice villages along the way.

Winter Specials

Dog Sledding

Experience dog sledding with Siberian Husky dogs in the snow.
Later lunch on the way back in a local village.

Winter Fishing

This is something few get to try.