Museum of Military Hardware

This museum to military glory is one of the largest in Russia and indeed in the world.

It started when some returned servicemen requested the local mining and manufacturing company to fund the addition of some military pieces to the war memorial. It grew and grew, and it became the massive scale museum that it is today.

Indoors are several floors with exhibitions of motorbikes, wooden planes and various uniforms and personal arms. It also celebrates the Ural mining industry’s contribution to military achievements and weapons development.

Outside is the most impressive collection of all kinds of hardware. In front near the entrance are tanks, some quite old, and howitzers. To the side are all manner of tanks, boats, submarines, jets and helicopters, tank-trains – everything one can imagine. Most of the equipment is Russian/Soviet.

The diversity of exhibitions here means that anyone will find something of interest.

Next door is a small auto museum, which is accessible only by bus. As it is on the grounds of a closed factory. If our group is interested to visit this too, we can organize this in advance.