Leaning Tower of Nevyansk

An analogue of Pisa Tower or another Russian peculiarity? 

A leaning tower – here in Russia – maybe not as well known as the one in Pisa but definitely not less interesting from the historic point of view, being another unsolved mysteries of Russia. Actually there are many leaning towers and buildings in Russia, and this is the most famous of them, at least within Russia.

The secret goes back to the early 18th century. It is puzzling that nobody knows the exact dates of the construction of the Tower – it is somewhere between 1725 and 1732. The architect is also a mystery. But the association with the Demidov dynasty is undeniable. Construction of the Tower was funded by the famous manufacturer Akinfiy Demidov, member of the most influential family of the region, the richest industrialists of that time.

Most probably the Demidovs had a concrete aim for the construction of the Tower but they did not reveal it. Some historians say the Tower meant to be a sort of the symbol of Demidov dynasty demonstrating its might, however it also had some very practical functionality.

There are also several versions regarding possible reasons for its inclination which is a little bit more than 2 meters now. Some say it was built inclined on purpose, others claim that it was not planned but a defect became obvious even during the construction. It has a 4 meter deep foundation so this must have been some surprise. Some blame the drifting grounds, others – the evil Demidov.

The Tower has always attracted attention of scientists and historians and they have managed to find some answers to multiple questions. The Tower is as tall as the 20-storey building and in the early years served as a watch tower. We invite you to learn more secrets of that unusual place. During an excursion there we will know how all the floors were actually used, hear a story about the unique clock on top of the Tower which cost more that the construction of the Tower itself, why the basement under it is called horror labyrinth. And there are many more stories.