Please contact us with any questions you might have regarding your holiday with us. We will be delighted to help. Meanwhile we offer for your attention some tips and answers to most frequently asked questions.

How safe is it to travel to Russia these days?
In terms of personal safety on the streets, most parts of most cities in Russia are quite safe – safer than similar size cities in the US or western Europe. The usual precautions that you should take about walking at night or leaving valuables lying around apply as there do everywhere.

On our tours we firstly have assessed risks along the route and place we visit, and will advise.
Where Russia is not as safe as western countries is on the roads, and in areas such as fire safety, uneven sidewalks, low ceilings – mostly due to poor design or relaxed enforcement of rules.

Our expert guides know all the aspects of travelling in a certain region. Our drivers have had defensive driving training, and we monitor all vehicle movements and driving styles via GPS.

Are there any hidden extra payments not included in the cost of the trip?
We are do our best to make the tour as comfortable for you as possible and that is why we include all the expenses that we may foresee into the cost of the trip. This is ensure our guests do not waste time looking for food, tickets etc.

The prices of tours include all meals, accommodation, and transport, plus entrance to the attractions we will visit.

You will need to pay for your visa, flights to and from the starting and end points, alcohol and any purchases you wish to make along the way.

Beer is usually very reasonably priced (EUR 3-5 in a bar, or a bottle in the shop for EUR 1-2), however wine and spirits can cost more than western European prices in some places.

Flights to the Urals from Moscow usually cost around EUR 250 round trip, and we can organize this for you if you wish. However it is better to get one ticket for your whole trip including the domestic legs.

Where do I stay?
We design our tours to let you fully experience the real Russia. Depending on the type of tour we stay at a mix of international chain hotels, local chains and local B&Bs. In the cities our hotel rooms are on a twin share basis with private facilities. In remote localities facilities can be more basic but clean and having local character. They all have en-suite, WIFI and drinking water.

We try to have all guests in the tour on one floor and will have at least one of our crew in the same hotel who will help you in case you need something which requires a detailed description in Russian.

Are there any specific requirements to the documents?
Each traveler should be in possession of a passport that will remain valid for at least six months beyond the completion of the trip and a visa to RF. Visa to Russia must be obtained in your country before travelling. We will advise the best way to sort your visa, depending on your country of residence and citizenship.

Carry your passport with you at all times. Our hotel partners will provide registration of your stay to local authorities.

How do I know that food and water are of good quality?
Water quality out of the tap is safe, but can taste of chlorine. We recommend to drink bottled water which most hotels provide on each floor or in the room, and we will provide more in the van. It can also be easily bought in any shop.

Needless to say that good health of our tourists is of highest priority to us. We have eaten in all the places we visit previously and selected them based on quality and convenience. Though if you have any special dietary requirements, please let us know prior to the trip.

One thing you will notice is that there is a lot of mayonnaise and sometimes fatty food compared to western European fare. Try to make an exception for this trip as it is not always possible to provide fat free food.

Is there a danger of poisonous insects or dangerous animals?
Yes, there are animals in the wild woods of Russia – such as bears, wolves, foxes, wild pigs – that may be dangerous if threatened. But normally they do not attack if you do not hurt them. Craig came across a fresh bear track near Zlatoust last autumn, but the bear was obviously more scared and had bolted away into the woods.

Ticks are present in some places, and we try to avoid those. If we are unable to, we will advise to wear long trousers and not to sit in the grass.

There are mosquitoes and other tiny flies in summer but they are not malaria carriers. A quick spray of repellent will keep them away.

What type of electricity and plugs are there?
Electricity is 220v ac, and the plugs are European round 2 pin style. There will be limited USB chargers in the van for emergency use as well.
How big are the groups?
Our vans can take 6 guests, and two crew. Therefore we will all get to know each other well during the trip.
How about children?
Our road trips in Ural and Karelia are fairly demanding, and are not themed specifically for children. This could make it tiring for them and, consequently for fellow road trippers. Therefore we will accept children under 12 on the tour only if you have a family group of 4-6 people for which we can make a dedicated van.

On some shorter winter holiday tours and custom tours, children of any age are welcome.

How and when do I pay?
Because our groups are small we try to maximize compatibility. Therefore we like to chat with our clients to understand their needs and expectations before going ahead with booking.
Please do contact us to discuss the tours, timings and let us get to know a little about you, before deciding to book.

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Once you have decided on the tour for you we will give you the appropriate link through which to pay for your tour. Once payment is made, you place is secure and the tour will go ahead 100% guaranteed.

Refunds are possible. If you cancel more than a month before the tour starts we will refund 65% of the amount paid. If less than a month, but more than 2 weeks, refund will be 30%.