What to pack

What do I pack?

We often get asked what a traveler will need to pack, to take on the trip.

As accommodation, meals and transport are included, the main things left for you to think about are travel insurance, what to wear, recording the trip with photographs and maybe video, plus any special needs you might have, like medicines.

In July and August our destinations are warm, but of course it could rain at times. Generally it will be in the 20s centigrade, and cooling to 12-18c at night.

We recommend to have good boots and sneakers, shorts and long pants, a fleece and a rainproof parker to cover all expected eventualities. A small back pack for water, essential supplies like insect repellent, cameras and rain jacket etc would be a good idea.

Insect repellent is recommended, as we will come across mosquitoes in places. There is no malaria or other known diseases carried by mosquitoes in this part of the world. However there are ticks in certain places, and a small proportion of them have diseases like Lyme disease. Therefore we will avoid such places where possible, and where there is a risk, we will advise to wear long pants, and boots.

Best to bring medicines with you. Pharmacies are wide spread in cities and large villages for the basics. After the tour, photographs and video are uploaded to a closed gallery for you to select from. But don’t rely on us for all your photos! Rely on us to show you the best places to take them.