Risk Management

BGA Tours takes risk management very seriously.

  • We have a background of working with multi-national oil companies and risk management systems
  • Our drivers have been selected and trained by safety professionals. Training includes defensive driving, risk assessment, first-aid and fire safety. Roads along the routes we take are pretty good, and we have specifically chosen our route not just for beauty, but also to ensure we are travelling on decent roads with minimum risk
  • Our vehicles are equipped with GPS black boxes which send us real time data about events outside the expected norms, such as speeding or aggressive braking. We provide feedback to our drivers about driving style and discuss how to avoid situations which require aggressive braking for example.
  • During our tour we will provide guidance and tips for avoiding the risk of falling or bumping your head etc, as these risks do exist in places.
  • Our crew is always two people, so that one can focus on the transport and logistics, and the other on our guests. We believe this is key to the best experience for our guests, as well as risk management.
  • Crime in Russia is lower than most people expect. Street crime is quite low compared to many parts of Europe and the US.