About Us

Birch Grove Adventures is a small team of keen travelers, living the dream.

The founder is Craig Curphey, a New Zealander, and long time resident of Russia. Inbound tourism until recently has been limited to city tours of Moscow and St Petersburg and very expensive expeditions to further away places. Craig as a road trip junkie has made many road trips across Europe and in recent years, Russia.

Alexey Alexeev, also a road trip junkie, manages the operation, taking care of all those details that ensure a smooth trip and optimal experience.

Every place, every hotel, every km have all been checked out by Craig and Alexey. We have stayed many hotels along the routes, and chosen those most suitable for our needs, and comfortable for our guests.

Marina Kupriyanova has a great experience of organizing company VIP visits to Russia for multi-nationals, and asks Craig and Alexey all those questions of what needs to be checked and planned.

On the tours our guides have been trained by us, and monitored by us.